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Are there ways to manage my playing activity at Spinz?

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Spinz offers a variety of measures designed to put you in control of your gameplay.

Here are the Limits available to you at Spinz, which all act upon the triggers you set. Manage these in the ‘Limits’ section of your account:

  • Time limit: Choose this limit to be logged out automatically once a pre-specified timeframe has elapsed.
  • Net loss limit: This limit places a ceiling on the amount you can lose over a fixed period of time. Once this limit is reached, you won’t be able to place any further wages until a specified timeframe is reached.
  • Deposit limit: To limit the amount of you money you’re able to deposit, consider a Deposit limit. This operates by rejecting deposits from you until a pre-determined time period is up.
  • Wagering limit: Choose this option to be prevented from placing bets above a certain amount.
  • Timeout: Timeouts work by placing temporary blocks on your account. They can either be triggered upon various account actions, or self-imposed. While a Timeout is in place, access to your account is cut off. Find out more in our Terms and Conditions section.

  • Indefinite Self-Exclusion: Alternatively, you can choose to activate a Self-Exclusion for an indefinite period of time. If you go down this route, all access to your account will be denied, and you’ll only be able regain access by getting in touch with Spinz Support.

    Note that we also enforce a minimum waiting time of 7 days from the moment your request is received to the reinstatement of your account.

    This type of limit can also be configured in the Limits area of your account.

To find out more about problem gambling and the Limits offered, visit our Responsible Gaming page.

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