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Responsible Gaming

Here at Spinz, responsible gaming is at the core of our code of ethics.

Online gaming is intended to be an enjoyable form of entertainment, but for some players it can become a serious problem, negatively impacting their lives and the lives of those around them. Therefore it is vital to practice responsible gaming by being aware of and staying within your limits.

We provide a range of tools for players to use to help them practice responsible gaming and keep their gambling activities within safe and sustainable limits.

Personal Limits

You can set limits on your account, controlling the amount of funds you are able to wager, lose, and/or deposit, and the amount of time you can spend playing, for a period of your choice: daily, weekly, or monthly.

To do this, head to the Limits section of My Account. Once a personal limit is set, it will take effect immediately.

You can decrease a limit (making it stricter) if you feel that you need to, this will take effect immediately. You can also increase a limit (making it less strict), this will take effect after a 24-hour ‘cooling-off period’.

  • Time limit: Limits the length of time you can spend playing. Once the limit is reached, you will be logged out automatically.

  • Net loss limit: Limits how much money you can lose. Once the limit is reached, you will not be able to place any more bets.

  • Deposit limit: Limits how much money you can deposit. Once the limit is reached, you will not be able to make any more deposits.

  • Wagering limit: Limits how much money you can wager. Once the limit is reached, you will not be able to place any more bets.


If you feel that your gambling is becoming a problem, you can choose to take some time out from it. You can do this by setting a period of self-exclusion.

There are two types of self-exclusion: Definite Self-Exclusion, which is a short-term break from gambling for a fixed period, and Indefinite Self-Exclusion, which is a long-term break.

Once a self-exclusion takes effect, you will be unable to play on Spinz or any other Rootz brands. You will still be able to withdraw the remaining funds from your account during the self-exclusion.

Definite Self Exclusion

You can activate a definite self-exclusion period by going to the Limits section of My Account. This can be a period of 1, 7, or 30 days.

You can also request a period of definite self-exclusion by contacting us at [email protected]. If you request a definite self-exclusion this way, it won’t take immediate effect but you will be notified as soon as it does.

You can decide to decrease the duration of a definite self-exclusion, this will come into effect after a 24-hour ‘cooling-off period’.

Indefinite Self Exclusion

You can also request a longer period of self-exclusion by setting up an indefinite self-exclusion period

To do this, contact us at [email protected]. As soon as our support team sees your request, your account will be excluded from being able to access our games. You will be notified once this takes effect.

You can decide to end or decrease the duration of an indefinite self-exclusion. If you do so, Spinz may decide whether to accept or decline such a request. If the request is accepted, your account will be reinstated following a seven (7) day ‘cooling-off period’.

You can also choose to extend a self-exclusion period by speaking to our support team.

Reality Checks

A message will appear onscreen, showing you information about your current gaming session, such as the length of time you’ve been playing for, and the amount of money lost or won.

These Reality Checks appear at 60-minute intervals, which can be altered in your My Account settings, or can be switched off completely.

Useful Tips

In addition to using the tools provided, such as personal limits and self-exclusions, it is also strongly recommended to bear in mind some key principle while gambling:

  • Don’t gamble more money than you can afford to lose.
  • Don’t try to ‘chase losses’. Attempting to win back lost money by gambling more will probably make the situation worse.
  • Don’t gamble while angry, lonely, stressed, depressed, etc.
  • Don’t gamble while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Establish limits for yourself and stick to them. If you notice yourself breaking them, consider taking some time away from gambling.

Organisations That Can Help You

The following organisations are on hand to offer more help and information about responsible gaming:

Gambling Blocking Software

You can block access to gambling sites using these pieces of software:

Betblocker (Free Software) Gamban (Subscription Service)

20 Questions

Gamblers Anonymous created this questionnaire to help players identify if they have a gambling problem: ‘20 Questions’.

We’re Here to Help

Our Support team is on hand to provide information and assistance on responsible gambling.

We hope that you enjoy playing safely and responsibly at Spinz.


What types of limits may I place on my account?

In the Account Limits screen, you may place Deposit Limits, Net Loss Limits, Wager Limits, Time Limits, and self-imposed Timeouts on your account.

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