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What does the 99% reward do?

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One of our more potent bonuses is the 99% reward, which functions by accelerating your Progress Bar from its current position all the way to 99% in an instant - leaving you fractionally short of Free Spins for your preferred games.

Maximise its effectiveness by triggering the reward as soon as your Progress Bar has reset down to 0% following a level-up. Were you to trigger the reward, at, say 80% progress, you would only claim 19% worth of benefits as opposed to 99% when activated at 0%.

You should act fast once 99% rewards are made available since they expire after 24 hours, so extract some extra value at Spinz while you can.

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  • Weekly cashback between 10 - 20%
  • Only 1x wagering requirement
  • Exclusive offers
  • Prioritised withdrawals
  • VIP events

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